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Bloodsquad is a group of skilled artists, performers and horror-fanatics with a fetish and passion for BLOOD and GORE....

We're here to trash parties, spread the plague, and infect all sorts of events with our bloody business.

Book us for your party/event as live-acts, Stage acts, promobabes, or walkaround act ! We easily adapt to any kind of theme.


Past Shows:

* September 2019 - Valtifest (Amsterdam), Court of Owls + Medical show with Jaded Jewall, Lotte LaVey, Kiet Katharsis & Anita Divina
* October 2018 - Halloween at Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht) with Iron Queen & Blanca
* August 2018 - Boudoir Bizarre XXVII (Amsterdam) Goetia Vampire show with Iron Queen, Nereida DeadlySin & Vladimira LaVey
* April 2018 - Wasteland (Hemkade) Gotham Court of Owls with Lotte Lavey, Iron Queen & Kiet Katharsis (Laura Sporenova masks)
* November 2017 - Wasteland (Hemkade) Wonderland Walkaround with Lotte Lavey, Iron Queen, Blanca Soler & Caro Bones
* October 2017 - Halloween at Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht) Goetia Vampire show & Dentist Horror show with Iron Queen & Blanca
* April 2017 - ILK Medical Midnight(Utrecht) Psycho Doctor & Nurses act with Virus Infekt & Miss Horror Ivana Hyde
* April 2017 - The Surrealist Ball (Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam) Rothschild Cat Walkaround Act
* November 2016 - Wasteland (Hemkade) Voodoo Walkaround with Cerise Noire, Iron Queen, Milla Vie, Naomi Morphine & Virus Infekt
* October 2016 - Obscene Halloween (Amsterdam) Goetia Show with Cerise Noire, Iron Queen & Milla Vie
* July 2016 - Boudoir Bizarre XXI (Amsterdam)
Vampire Goetia show with Milla Vie, Iron Queen & LA'Amour
* November 2015 - Wasteland (Hemkade) Illuminati Walkaround (Laura Sporenova Fashion), with Naomi Morphine, Virus Infekt, Lotte LaVey, Cerise Noire, Iron Queen
* October 2014 - Amsterdam Halloween - Evil Nun Show with Milla Vie, LA'Amour, Jemma Ishtar, Naomi Morphine, Nereida DeadlySin, Cerise Noire, Maaike FX
* October 2014 - Patronaat (Haarlem) Vampire Goetia with Cerise Noire, Milla Vie & LA'Amour
* October 2014 - Hellfire Club (Haarlem) Vampire Goetia with Cerise Noire, Milla Vie & LA'Amour
* April 2014 - Wasteland (Hemkade) Crazy Clown Walkaround Act with Milla Vie, Cerise Noire, Iron Queen, LA'Amour, Lotte LaVey
* October 2013 - Vampire Party (Antwerpen, Belgium) Vampire Goetia show with Cerise Noire, Iron Queen & LA'Amour
* October 2013 - Amsterdam Halloween - Freakshow Interactive Photobooth
* October 2013 - B.I.T.C.H. (Zaandam) Vampire Goetia Show & Military Show with Cerise Noire, Milla Vie & LA'Amour
* August 2013 - Showboat (Zaanstad) -
Psycho Norman Bates vs Betty Page show with Milla Vie & Cerise Noire
* Februari 2013 - Bizarre Festival @ Sand Amsterdam - Vampire Goetia Show with Milla Vie & Jemma Ishtar
* November 2012 - Wasteland Motel Edition - Psycho Norman Bates vs Betty Page show with Milla Vie & Azwera
* November 2012 - Odeon (Alkmaar) Saw Act + Cannibal Burlesque Act
* October 2012 - Amsterdam Halloween 2012 Vampire Goetia Show/ Dr. Asscula Halloween Parade
* August 2012 - DanceValley (Wasteland tent) Vampire Goetia Show/ Porn Art with M.A. Star & Milla Vie
* April 2012 - Wasteland (Hemkade); Art Porn Show with M.A. Star & Milla Vie Doll
* December 2011 - Vampire Show: The sacrifice of 12 virgins @ Danse Macabre (Ghent, Belgium)
* November 2011 - Goetia Show @ Boudoir Bizarre Amsterdam with Miss Kimmy & Jemma Ishtar
* October 2011 - Major Zombie Walk with Amsterdam Halloween &
* May 2011 - Kinky Horror Show @ Kinky Salon Amsterdam - 3 Stage acts (Saw, Voodoo & Cannibal Act)
* April 2011 - Vampire Ball Paris @ Moulin Rouge - 2 Stage acts (Smoker's Circle & Gore Geisha)
* November 2010 - Wasteland (Hemkade) Burgundian Act with Miss Suzn, Iron Queen & Monique Charriere
* October 2010 - Amsterdam Halloween - Zombie Horror Walk organized by Bloodsquad
* October 2010 - Boudoir Bizarre Halloween Edition (Zaandam) Cannibal Burlesque Show with Cerise Noire
* August 2010 - True Blood @ Ziggo Festival (Utrecht) Vampire Walk Around & Stage Act
* May 2010 - Obscene Theatre (Amsterdam) Smoker's Circle Act with Iron Queen & Miss Suzn
* April 2010 - Phoenix (Amsterdam) Walk Around Act/Bloody Act with the Iron Queen
* March 2010 - True Blood (Amsterdam) - Walk Around Vampire Act & Stage Act with Ancilla Tilia
* October 2009 - Boudoir Bizarre Halloween Edition (Zaandam) Fetish Gore Geisha Show (Main Act)
*October 2009 - Obscene Theatre (Amsterdam) Stage Act Human Buffet Show with Miss Suzn
* September 2009 - P60 (Amstelveen) Stage Act with Agonoize (German Industrial Band)
*August 2009 - GamesCon (Cologne, Germany) Walk Around Vampire Act @ White Wolf/CCP Party
* April 2009 - Wasteland (Hemkade) - Gallery of Tortured Souls (with Coco Katsura & Run Paint Run)
* March 2009 - Intona Rumori Friday the 13th Party - Walk Around Act with Miss Suzn @ de Korsakoff
* January 2009 - Obscene Theatre (Zaandam) Fetish Gore Geisha Show (Main Act)
* October 2008 - Halloween Party (The Hague) Horror Act @ Boterwaag with Amarantha LaBlanche & MariKitten
* October 2008 - Opposite Halloween Edition (Haarlem) Walk Arund Act
* August 2008 - Opposite Burlesque Party (Haarlem) Walk Around Act
* March 2008 - Paradiso (Amsterdam) Walk Around Act for Fabik C (German Industrial/Noize band)
* December 2007- Cyberia (Utrecht) Stage Act with Fabrik C (German Industrial/Noize band)


Current Members & Past (Guest) Member Perfomers:



Ancilla Tilia
Fabrik C
Coco Katsura
Run Paint Run



The story of the Bloodsquad started at the Halloween edition of the Dutch fetish party Boudoir Bizarre in 2007. Peter Diablow and Amarantha La Blanche both arrived at the party in bloody outfits. After a bloody fun time smearing other guests of the party with blood, they decided they should do this at other parties aswell and not just for Halloween, but just for fun. They founded the Bloodsquad and were joined by Manyu & Mari Kitten, by August of 2008 the reputation was set and the Bloodsquad started doing gigs as walkaround acts and catering crew. By Halloween of that year they combined their performance talents of the past (being stage performers, dancers and actors for short films) and started working on stage shows.

The first official show was at 'De Boterwaag' in The Hague together with the Mad Sinners (Herr Stitch, Miss Kimmy & Dr.Mad). After that success they were booked for Obscene, where they blew the fetish crowd away with their "Gore Geisha Show". Shows at big events such as Wasteland, Boudoir Bizarre, Gamescon, True Blood Vampire Ball, Obscene Theatre, Amsterdam Halloween, Paris Vampyre Ball followed. In 2011 some of the Bloodsquad member parted but other performers joined since such as Cerise Noire, Iron Queen, Milla Vie among others.